PlayStack Immensely Honoured to Publish HELP: the Game.

Help: The Game

PlayStack was founded on a mission to reinvent publishing; to give back to both the developer and player communities and to always do business with our partners in an ethical and honorable way. Since PlayStack first opened its doors in May 2016 we have been drawn to cause marketing and were delighted to support War Child with their Armistice campaign for two of our games; offering peace themed masks in our mobile hit Snipers vs Thieves, and Cupid’s love arrows in our VR shooter Dick Wilde. The power of promoting peace in products and in an industry, often only associated with violence, to support those affected by war, powerfully highlights the way in which the charity pushes boundaries with its campaigns.

War Child is unique in that it has a dedicated in-house game partnership team who create long-term relationships in the industry as well as designing initiatives that spark the imagination of studios, publishers and players. Having known the team for a long time we were thrilled when they asked if we would publish their latest project, Help: The Game on their behalf.

Back in 1995 Help: The Album was recorded in one day on 4th September, mixed on 5th and in the shops by Saturday 9th. It featured tracks from Brit Pop artists such as Blur, Oasis and Manic Street Preachers. This was followed by a series of music and gaming endeavours including Help:The Game on Steam which brought together 13 PC games from AAA Developers.

This year Help comes to mobile after a wonderful game jam which saw the likes of Gameloft, Sports Interactive, Wooga, Rovio London  and Featherweight Interactive all make a game over the course of just six days. The result is a fun-packed app of 5 great puzzle games, the proceeds of which will all go to support children affected by war.

Berlin-based Wooga, creators of hit casual mobile titles Tropicats  and June’s Journey , has brought to the table the chaotic ‘Rupert, Sell ‘em Don’t Break ‘em’, in which players take control of a clumsy elephant doing his best not to smash up his own work place – an antique store filled with delicate china goods.

Meanwhile Rovio, the company behind the almighty Angry Birds, has added ‘Inish Ciúb’, a tile-based puzzle game that sees players creating their own flourishing, natural world replete with adorable grizzly bears.

A stalwart of War Child’s gaming activity, Football Manager creator Sports Interactive returns this year with new title ‘Tickets Please, letting players take up the mantle of a train conductor that must check passengers’ tickets for validity while under the pressure of time and progressively grumpier commuters.

Prolific French studio Gameloft, makers of the enormously popular Asphalt series, has created ‘Fifty Buddies. Players take charge of the fate of fifty jelly babies racing around a track, desperately dodging wrecking balls and avoiding traps.

Finally, Featherweight Games introduces ‘Mediocre Housekeeping’, which is the most fun a gamer will ever have putting their laundry away.

As our CEO, Harvey Elliott said, “It’s inspiring to see so many profoundly creative people work together for such a worthy cause. We’re deeply honoured to be involved and support through publishing the release in the app stores.”

Everyone at PlayStack has thoroughly enjoyed working with War Child to make Help:The Game a reality and we very much look forward to supporting this amazing charity over the months and years to come.


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Edgar Khoo