PlayIgnite; ready to back game developers with £100m


PlayIgnite, a new financial solutions provider for game developers, has launched in the UK with an initial £100m pool of capital to deploy.  Aimed at game creators who require further financing to scale their user acquisition (UA) efforts, PlayIgnite equips them with the capital they need to reach a larger, global audience.

PlayIgnite has three key offerings:

  •  ‘Ignition Capital’, a marketing loan that uses a proprietary technology platform to model how a game will perform when bolstered with significant UA investment.

  • ‘Play Capital’, gives games developers instant access to their earned store and ad revenues.

  • ‘Play Credits’, unlocks capital recovery from tax credits that could otherwise take months to arrive.

“We want to level the playing field in the games industry by giving developers access to the marketing capital that they demand. The games market has become dominated by the same heavily funded publishers and franchises, effectively squeezing out smaller organisations” said Matt Frenchman, Managing Director of PlayIgnite. “We have identified plenty of promising games from world-class developers with amazing stories, beautiful visuals and awesome mechanics that will struggle to become smash hits, without an injection of funds to effectively market their game. We intend to help these developers and many more in maximising their potential.”

PlayIgnite is the third company in the PlayStack group founded by CEO Harvey Elliott, which encompasses a full-suite games publisher, and games-centred investment fund, PlayFund).

PlayIgnite is encouraging any interested developers to get in touch via

Press contact: Caroline Miller:

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