Mowy Lawn out now on Android!

Mowy Android.png

We've been MOWed away by the support Mowy Lawn has received on iOS, so we've been hard at work getting it ready to be released on the Google Play Store. We're delighted to announce that the wait is over! Now you can mow the day away on your favourite Android device to your heart's content, but be careful, you can only turn right!

It's lawnmower heaven, a Garden of Eden where lucky blade-spinners are set free on fields of glorious bushy overgrowth. Choose your mower and dive into a sprawling mass of grass until everything is shaved down to nice strips!

- Several worlds to cut into!
- Crazy and challenging "turn-right-only" mechanics!
- Choose the ultimate mower that represents you!
- Upgrade your blade spinners for maximum cuttage!
- Test your reflexes to their limits!

Hey! Ho! Let's Mow!

Edgar Khoo