Dick Wilde 2 blows its way onto Playstation VR and PC!


Grab a friend and get Wilde!

Dick Wilde 2 comes to PSVR, Steam, and Viveport today, building on the gunplay and replayability of the original, whilst improving its difficulty curve to be more accessible for all. Play with a friend or a stranger with cross platform co-op play and take on the role of Dick’s apprentice to combat deadly critters, mutated by pollutants from an evil corporation.

Grab hold of over 16 unique weapons (with another 16 PS Aim weapons) and make your way down rivers, canals and mines, fighting all sorts of nasties along the way!


PlayStack CEO, Harvey Elliot, said: “We were blown away by just how many people loved the original Dick Wilde game, and then we started to think about what we could do next for the fans. We realised that the best part of Dick Wilde is when you challenge other friends to beat a score - which evolved into co-op mode for players to work together. More players meant a new layout, bigger maps and more variety and now in Dick Wilde 2 we have over 40 kilometres of swampland to meander along.”

When asked about co-op play, Bo Bennekov of Bolverk Games described the challenges faced designing for multiplayer, and said “we wanted it to work cross-platform so Rift, Vive and PSVR could find each other and play together. We are particularly proud to say that cross-play is working and is really enjoyable.” He went on to talk about what the team wanted to expand on from the first game, “game progression and a reason to replay the game was a big focus. At the same time catering for challenge lovers and casual players was also one of the main priorities.”


The game features three worlds, increasing in difficulty as you go, containing a range of levels in different environments as well as gun trials to unlock new weapons. Each world concludes with an epic boss battle, featuring a Robotic Beaver, a Leviathan, and a Giant Crab!

Strung together with household items like tape, rubber bands and soda cans, weapons really vary. From standard Revolvers and Shotguns to the extraordinary Plasma Gun, and even the downright absurd Bean Cannon. Each one lovingly handcrafted by Dick himself. He’s as resourceful as ever, as you’ll see when you blast your way through his brilliant sequel!

Dick Wilde 2 is available on Playstation VR, Steam, Viveport. Oculus Store coming soon!

Edgar Khoo