Save the Forest with Scruffy! - Rescue Wings launches on iOS and Android today!


We’re delighted to announce the global release of Rescue Wings, the thrilling mobile game where a plucky dog heroically battles the spread of wildfires.

Rescue Wings, available now on iPhone and Android, is a demanding air-fighting action game that takes a consciously non-violent approach. Scruffy the dog pilots a trusty old waterbomber and ducks, weaves, and soars across the sky to flush out fires that threaten the beautiful surrounding forestry.

The game is lovingly crafted by the acclaimed Amsterdam studio Little Chicken (REKT, Track Lab, Blaze Revolutions ). The studio commenced work on Rescue Wings as an internal Game Jam four years ago, and was developed during pockets of spare time. The demo became Rescue Wings when Founder Yannis Bolman made a doodle of a dog pilot fighting fires.

He said: “Rescue Wings is such a great title for us. The wide appeal of the looks and the depth in gameplay makes it a game fit for anyone with a few minutes to spare. And we really love Scruffy!”

Both simple to play yet masterfully challenging, Rescue Wings tasks players to daringly nose-dive into lakes to collect water and then flush the supplies across forestry set ablaze. Success demands precision, quick thinking and solid nerves.

Players will be able to cruise across the sky in style too, with more than 15 airplanes to choose from: Rocket fuelled jets, stealth bombers, UFOs, and even a propeller toting avocado!

Playstack chief executive Harvey Elliott said: “Rescue Wings combines immensely satisfying arcade mechanics with a wistful and nostalgic tone. Such a marriage of ideas not only makes it unbelievably fun, but also delivers a game that can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s a design approach that Playstack finds irresistible, and I can’t wait to see players enjoying it for themselves.”


Little Chicken is an Amsterdam based game studio specialising in the development of digital entertainment. Its portfolio boasts recent mobile games such as REKT, Runespell: Overture, and Royal Dutch Airlines’ Aviation Empire Platinum, and PC games such as the upcoming RTS Cannaboss. The studio also has a sizeable footprint in VR and AR, with the Albert Heijn ‘Dino’s’ application as standout example. 

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Edgar Khoo