Boast your Music IQ in Beat The Intro!


Beat The Intro, the ultimate music game, today launches its brand new interactive app inviting fans of all ages and musical tastes to test out their Music IQ and earn bragging rights to the best ears in music! Launching globally initially on iOS, the app perfectly combines music and gaming offering players an exciting way to rediscover tracks they once loved but also new ones.

Beat The Intro plays a short music clip and you have to quickly choose the artist, simple as that! The faster you identify the track, the more you’ll score and accumulate points for your Music IQ, so you can boast about your musical prowess.

Kevin Deakin, CEO of Musicplode Media Limited - creators of the game - added: “We are absolutely delighted to be teaming up with PlayStack to launch our new app. The game has evolved from DVD to digital over the last 15 years and having secured the music licenses from the major record labels and publishers, this new iteration of the brand is very exciting.”

Know everything about rock but nothing about hip-hop? There are packs for virtually every music taste going - ranging from 80s, 90s, through to today’s current hits. Not only that, but many more are available to subscribers of premium packs based on decades, music genres, and specials - such as the Oscars, Grammys, The BRITs and so many more.

Harriet Hughes, PlayStack’s CMO said: “Working with Musicplode Media Limited we have developed a fantastic product which presents a unique opportunity for the music industry to utilise as part of the overall music ecosystem. With the ability to reach a global audience, artists will be able to reap the rewards of music fans either falling back in love with the tracks they once listened to or discover new ones.”

Beat The Intro is available now on the App Store.


Musicplode Media Limited (MML) is a media company that utilises music and gamification to connect and engage with audiences for global brands and artists across multiple platforms. Musicplode Media Limited own the trademark globally for Beat The Intro.

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Edgar Khoo