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Snatch is a radical reinvention of the brand experience. We believe great marketing is about interacting with people, not interrupting their day. And our engagement stats show we’re onto something.

Using the powerful augmented reality tech that sits inside everyone’s phone, we have built a next-generation mobile game that offers an enhanced and playful view of the world - one that rewards players for interacting with brands.

Our players hunt for parcels containing mystery prizes from our partners (discounts, exclusive offers, and special rewards for lucky players). Imagine a ridiculously fun version of Google Maps and you’re close.

It’s managed by a team proud to make marketing more enjoyable, dynamic, and effective. It’s backed by Playstack which, since its first encounter with Snatch, immediately saw outstanding potential in the idea.

More than one million people played Snatch during its pilot run. Join us for the live launch in the UK.

Snatch. Marketing Reinvented.

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