Release Date: OUT NOW
Genre: AR

Discover Snatch – the incredible AR world where you seek out parcels with prizes from your favourite brands and so much more!

Simply find the Snatch parcels scattered across your map, defend them until they unlock, and the rewards inside are yours!

But watch out! Every parcel you discover has a timer, and before the time is up, people everywhere will try to Snatch these parcels from you. 

You’ll have to battle it out if you want to keep the parcel and the reward inside. Good thing we have you covered with a selection of awesome defence and attack gadgets!

Check out what prizes are available every day on the Snatch list, then ‘like’ the prizes you want the most to increase your chances of winning them!

There’s so much more to discover, including:

  • AR mini-games where you can win even more prizes!

  • Safehouses where you can defend your parcel simply by checking in

  • AR battles, look out for your rivals on the map and Snatch their parcels before they Snatch yours

  • Hidden AR experiences from all of your favourite brands and more with instant rewards

Snatch. The world is yours.